Key features:

  • 34 assemblies of aluminum BIW components for the Jaguar XFL produced in Suzhou, China
  • Some of these assemblies will be carried over on Jaguar XEL and E-Pace;
  • Aluminum stampings, steel stampings, SPR (self piercing riveting), stud/nut riveting






  • Weight reduction as a result of the aluminum assembly
  • SPR is applied to connect the aluminum stampings, and also to connect the aluminum stampings with steel ones
  • Without welding heat input, material mechanical performance around the rivet is close to the base material and the geometry after joining is more stable than welding

BIW components

Technologies: Aluminum forming, SPR (self-piercing riveting), Stud/nut riveting

Production plants: Suzhou/China

Capacity/Year: 32,500

Customer/Model: Jaguar XFL