Key features:

  • Modular cross member for Audi Q5
  • Aluminum MIG welded construction
  • 28 aluminum stampings
  • 4 aluminum extrusions
  • Total mass is 4.95 kg
  • 2820 mm robotic MIG weld (128 welds)
  • Precision machining on extrusions
  • Powder coated assembly


  • Weld process developed by us allows for thin wall joining
  • Substantial mass reduction compared to steel by use of aluminum
  • Combination of extrusions and stampings allows for efficient geometrical design
  • Tooling cost and space reduction with the use of aluminum extrusions
  • Powder coating provides edge protection



Modular cross member

Technologies: Forming, Welding, Powder coating

Production plants: Puebla/Mexico, Querétaro/Mexico

Capacity/Year: 175,000

Customer/Model: Audi Q5