Solutions for vehicles of the future: Our innovations at the IAA

Lightweight design for serial production: Aluminum sheet metal subframe

Floor panel developed during the project LEIKA

Project result:

  • Lightweight concept for E-mobility through efficient multi-material construction
  • Integral manufacturing process which combines various metal FAD semi-finished products and thermoplastic molding compounds

Metal FAD semi-finished products used:

  • Steel-CFK-Steel/CFK-Magnesium-CFK (Tunnel/Valance)
  • Magnesium-CFK-Magnesium (Seat cross member)
  • LITECOR® (Floor panels)
  • Steel-CFK-Steel (Bulkhead plates)

Manufacturing processes used:

  • One Shot Process: Warm forming and injection of the ribs in the tunnel with valance in a combined tool
  • Warm forming with and without tempered tools for the seat cross members and bulkhead plates
  • Cold forming of the floor panels

Battery housing for E-mobility

Based on our long-term experience in developing crash-proof hybrid steel/aluminum structures for vehicles, we are now developing battery housing for E-vehicles.

This fulfills essential requirements such as passive safety, flatness, thermo-management, electromagnetic compatibility, leak tightness and corrosion protection.
Further development priorities are:
• Housing in lightweight design for fully electric vehicles
• Economic hybrid concept: aluminum and steel
• Integrated crash performance and underbody protection
• Integrated cooling system
• Scalability for application in various vehicle versions and derivates

  • Battery elements

    Battery elements

  • Steel housing

    Steel housing cover including maintenance access

  • Battery modules

    Battery modules

  • Battery housing

    Battery housing made of steel/aluminum with an integrated cooling system

  • Underbody protection

    Underbody protection

  • Lightweight design in body components